What to Say to a Girl You Like – Saying Sweet And Funny Things Don’t Work All Time

Whenever you go to a party or club you always wonder what to say to a girl you like, don’t you? In this article I will reveal some secrets that you must know.

what to say to a girl you like

It’s a challenge for most of the guys to know what to speak with the girls they want to converse with. The idea is that there’s no universal thing to say to any type of girl to get her attention.

Note though that they’re some methods you could use to determine the girls to get curios and attracted to you, and such methods are far better and efficient than the majority of things you could tell the girls.

Still, first of all, before you start picking up what to say to girls to get them attracted to you, you have to put up the fundamental basics. They would start with…

Building a powerful social statute

Studies have recently revealed that the girls revolve around guys that are strong, and reflect a powerful social statute ( Read more about this in my article Alpha male characteristics) . You shouldn’t fuss about what to say to girls for now. In return, you should concentrate about attracting attention. This can be achieved by:

– Saying hello to your acquaintances the moment you enter the club

– Be certain your entourage peers are enjoying themselves

– Converse with others, like a bouncer, a bartender or even a random clubber within the place

The girls will get to know that you’re a sociable guy and that you blend in “the” place. This can help you blend in “her” place, talk to her friends, her girlfriends, and so on.

After you’re done being sociable to the people present at the fun place, it’s time to get near the girl you’ve had your eye on, but focus on the following things:

Don’t start asking closed questions like:

- “Would you like something to drink?”
- “Where is your partner?”

Such closed questions only get a “Yes” or “No” answer. There’s no point in using these closed questions as they do not stimulate girls in passing out anything about themselves. Such exploited questions won’t help much as they put an “I only wish to get underneath her clothes” sign on their users’ face. If you’re not creative you could fail miserably.

Allow her to speak

The idea is to get the girls going by knowing what to talk to them in order to get them interested in speaking more and more with you.

My friend Bobby, in his book Make Small Talk Sexy described two methods of developing a dialogue with a lady. Firstly, drop those basic open-lines.You should develop very good observation abilities in order to compliment the lady, or to ask something about her or just inquire her about her views. The most important opener is the “motive”. This motive can be pictured by the keyword “why”. For instance:

“You’re looking fabulous in that skirt. I was just curios from where you bought it as I’m interested in getting a very close friend a similar one since it’s her anniversary party this Saturday.”

You could also use something simpler, like, for instance:

“My sister keeps on buzzing me to grab that book and read it since she says it’s great, but somehow I can’t find the time to do that. Have you read the book, what happens in it?”

Also, if you think about inquiring her regarding a “hot” subject, that’s also a very good idea. Like this:

“Hey there, I’d like to know what you think. My best ever friend’s girl made out with some guy at a party, since she heard about my friend kissing a girl the night before. What would you do or say to him if you were me? I really don’t know what to do.”

Flirts are also very good. They’re simple to use, still, you should have confidence so that you can get them to go the way you want them to go. For instance:

“I couldn’t have avoided saying Hey as you’re looking ravishing tonight.”

Not mentioning what to tell the girls, you must also consider these things:

– Let her know you’re not going to stay a lot and be sure to follow what you say to her.

–  Try avoiding to ask for her acceptance or to apologize if you have attempted to speak to her. In my article How to get a hot girlfriend, I described that hot girls always avoid a man who appears to be a weak or insecure man.

Always keep in mind that a socially valuable man never apologizes for speaking with a certain lady. This definitely establishes a faulty mood and you might also be finished off for your lack of self-confidence.

These talks with the girls ought to be simple as long as you understand the ideas and the psychologies behind the picking-up-the-girls game. To know what to tell the girls is one aspect, and to develop a connection with her and sealing the deal is something else.

Before proceeding to enlighten you with the strongest and most disputed alluring secrets that are out there, follow these warnings:

The plays shared in this FREE seductions guide will trigger girls on the subconscious’ point and it’ll also unleash their most inner wishes. Therefore, I require you to proceed in using these tactics in a responsible manner.

You are now going to start learning the most deadly pick-up phrases and sayings as well as the strongest attraction strategies ever developed.

In case you think you’re prepared to learn these ‘secret techniques’ on how to pick girls up and seduce them, proceed in downloading the SECRET manual at this moment here: Make Small Talk Sexy.




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